7/19/2022 - Added a website called "Stonedaimuser Old Internet" under resources from my usersubmissions tab. Its pretty much a site that stores content and information/websites hidden by aggresive algorithms. Some call it the "old internet". Check this website out! You could probably find a gem or two there.

7/17/2022 - My next stage of updates will be focusing on organizing the datadump page. Theres a good deal of solid information, but i noticed it may be hard for someone to scroll and read all of it. Im deciding to seperate the info so that all new content can either be seen at the front of the page, or at the last pages. (And so that it can be easier/shorter to scroll down on.) Im not sure how i will design it yet, but it will still be just text. Also FYI, the datadump page is sometimes my own texts (like the nanotecch info), but a bulk of it is various texts i find all over the internet from other people, restored. Some of the content may be offensive, so i try to edit it to be more sutable for all types of people. I edit most of them for punctuation and sometimes add to it, but sometimes forget to take note the names of the original posters. For now on i will make sure to add the alias/name of the original poster.

6/30/2022 - People like to say; "what came first, the chicken or the egg?", but the real question is what came first; the word god, or dog? (god came first i think). Anyways, something i wondered about today is that someone/thing must have purposely made it a semordnilap. Blasphemous. Also! I have a videos tab in the user submissions page that is used to store all types of biblically correct truth videos on-site. I highly encourage watching every single one of them. They are not your average "pastor"-type boring stuff.

2/14/2022 - New resources in user submissions! (Added essene). Also, i have a videos tab in the user submissions page that will be used in the future to store all types of biblically correct truth videos on site (i archive this website). For now, theres a bunch of videos from the links provided in the resources tab. I highly encourage watching every single one of them.

2/12/2022 - Reurbished the directory of the main site. Added essene

1/24/2022 - Added new bible books. Also, new content and resources in user submissions! Website is also mobile compatable.

1/21/2022 - Added more info to datadump page about mankind and angels.etc.

1/7/2022 - Minor revap on "datadump" page. Minor graphical changes to the homepage, as well as a revamp to the notes TBA.

1/4/2022 - Website now compatable with mobile devices.

12/29/21 - These past few months ive mainly been on the user submissions "datadump" page posting raw offtopic and related research documents (links) and information. Ive been reading all types of biblical scriptures and honestly when i update this page i might just revamp every note to the books already here, instead of adding more books. I feel as if ive learned a lot more about scripture, prophecys, and the bible since i first made this website so some of the stuff i read here just sounds outdated to me. Recently ive been doing research into Strong's Concordance and the "hebrew" version/truths of the bible in general. Ive also been reading more offtext things like the essene of christ, Book of Jasher etc. Feel free to email me at NyewOne1234@protomail.com

10/23/2021 - Forgot!

9/18/2021 - JUST ADDED The Apocalypse Of Zephaniah, Sibylline Oracles, and The Apocryphon Of Ezekiel... Finishing up my read on The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha...

9/4/21 - JUST ADDED ENOCH 1,2,3. Also, i noticed that i did not post any notes on The four gospels. They are 100% the most important books in my opinion, as they give us blueprints on how we should live our life today, from the best source. Something crucial to know pre judgement. And i thought id mention that, ive seen a thing where many people think we/i should not follow gods commandments and ordinances and not try to live like christ. I think we should look at his life as a blueprint, obviously still aware that we will not be perfect of course. And this is coming from a person who stumbles time by time. After im done with the OTP, expect to see a long list from those

8/28/21 - Just realised my user submissions page was spelled as "submittions. I know someone saw that lmao. Fixed. Still reading The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Enoch coming soon.

8/16/21 - More raw information submitted into the data dump on my user submissions page. That page consists of just random collected information throughout the years that i find relevant. In the future, not every update will be announced. Also, ive been reading The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Its seriously really, really, good. Expect to see some notes i took on those chapters soon!

7/24/21 - Just made another page called user submittions. These are some of the text files i have recieved/collected over the years. Topics that are not strictly notes im taking from the bible will go there. Stuff about vaccines, esoteric, flat earth, videos etc.

5/1/21 - I dont know if this is true depression or little will but i feel like once you walk out of the house the only thing left to do is really buy or sell....Nowadays i just spend my time thinking about a more surreal life. Like how come in cities you can live in 2021 but turn to the slums and go to ages before castles and horses?? We seem to be doing it wrong...... ANW, I have way to much "other" topics to talk about. I might really make a whole different page just for non biblical things soon. I updated Baruch susanna and 1esdras just a little bit. Planning on adding more notes to already available bible books.

3/26/21 - I know its been over 2 weeks since ive updated so i figured i'd share some thoughts. First, these past couple of weeks ive been taking a break because i started to feel tired more often. Nothing really new has been going on so its been painfully boring lately. The conspiracy page might be coming sooner than later since i'm starting to feel as if i need some sort of mental stimulation. But, more verses will be released before that. I will be adding tonnes of content in a BIG update, but updates are slower because im writing notes to topics as a pastime thing, not a chore or "duty". Also, feel free to contact me at ; ccvbnm3@protomail.com if you have any topics or verses you want to discus or something. It can be anything interesing, i'm bored.

3/12/21 - Updated Prayer Of Azariah, Letter Of Jeremiah, Baruch, Susanna, Tobit, and Additions To Esther. Just spending my time filling up some books with notes i feel are really understanding... I will be taking a lot of time these next few updates updating the rest of the Old testament books i already have posted....

3/11/21 - Just added an extra note to genesis. I feel like i will be taking a lot of time these next few updates filling up the books i already have posted....

3/5/21 - Just finished the rest of the deleted KJV books. Like said, i have lots of notes for others but little for some. If you feel compelled to add something to my notes feel free to email me on neocities, or at: ccvbnm3@protonmail.com | Anyways, i might slow down after today. I still need to read the bible in order to provide notes, so 95% of the effort is offscreen. I encourage everyone to DYOR as well, as it may be things i've only touched on that your more knowledgeable on.

3/3/2021 - I honestly was not going to post this update right now as i just looked at the date and realized it was 3/3 lol. Mason type and shills love playing with that number, so i just felt odd posting this.... Just being transparent. Anyways, ive been rewriting all my notes these past couple of days for pretty much all books, and felt like i should make note of such. Nothing too big, just fixed a few things like grammar, typos.etc. I also added a few more notes to 2Esdras and Ecclesiaticus. ~ Just a few extras i felt were really important to discuss.

3/1/2021 - ~LONG~ Worked a little bit longer today. Created a button for the updates, so you can now click the title above to see all previous updates. Also, i think im done with design... No matter what i do it will not look as good as i want it to be, so for now on i will just focus on notes and information (because thats whats really important). As for content, i added A LOT of notes for ECCLESIASTICUS and some to ADDITIONSTOESTHER. Aannnd thats about it. In the future, updates might gradually take longer and longer to post. The main goal is to read the truth so updates should be a secondary thing. I will try not to turn this website into a chore or an obligation. But for now, i do still have lots of notes left.

2/28/2021 - Long ~ Added 1Esdras, 2Esdras, and Tobit chapter notes. Like said, i have lots of notes for some books and for others not so much. And, i just noticed that other neocities users can message me directly from the site, so if you want to contact me feel free to.. Things like tips on how to make my site smoother or programming tips would be real helpful. I was thinking about making a button for each book that can open a tab that shows white and black cache text, just to make it easier for those who dont like my fonts. But IDK what its called, or how to start. Im still prob going to work on site interfaces next though.. Just to make things more smooth and whatnot.

2/26/2021 - Added GENESIS, EXODUS, and LEVITICUS! Planning on adding more deleted KJV chapters, but if i do it will likely be sometime next week. Planning on doing a internet detox saturday so will be afk. Im not accepting submittions right now because im still building. But, im still responsive so feel free to contact me!