The Apocalypse Of Zephaniah B:3-B:6
"I was afraid and I cast myself up[o]n my face so that my joints dissolved. The angel helped me . He said to me , "Be strong, O one who will triumph, and prevail so that you will triumph over the accuser and you will come up from Hades." And after I arose I said, "Who is this whom they are punishing?" He said to me , "This is [a] soul which was found in its lawlessness."
Satan is like a lawyer for unrighteousness, especially in judgement. He is known as the accuser and it seems to be him and his league, are used to test us mortals constantly with temptation and sins. Check this verse out from the T.O.T.12.P "For when the evil soul departs, it is harassed by the evil spirit which it served through its desires and evil works.."

The Apocalypse Of Zephaniah 3:5-3:9
"Then I saw two other angels weeping over the three sons of Jonathan, the priest. 6 I said, " O angel, who are these?" He said, "These are the angels of the Lord Almighty. They write down all the good deeds of the righteous upon their 7 manuscripts as they watch at the gate of heaven. And I take them from their hands and bring them up before the Lord Almighty; he writes their name in the Book of 8 the Living. Also the angels of the accuser who is upon the earth, they also write 9 down all of the sins of men upon their manuscript. They also sit at the gate of heaven. They tell the accuser and he writes them upon his manuscript so that he might accuse them when they come out of the world (and) down there."
Another example of judgement and how the heavenly courts work.