Testaments of the twelve patriarchs 5:5 - 5:6
“Accordingly, my children, flee from sexual promiscuity, and order your wives and your daughters not to adorn their heads and their appearances so as to deceive men's sound minds. For every woman who schemes in these way s is destined for eternal punishment. 6 For it was thus that they charmed the Watchers, who were before the Flood. As they continued looking at the women , they were filled with desire for them and perpetrated the act in their minds. Then they were transformed into human males, and while the women were cohabiting with their husbands they appeared to them. Since the women's minds were filled with lust for these apparitions, they gave birth to giants. For the Watchers were disclosed to them as being as high as the heavens.”
Another version or outlook of the story of nephilim and how they came to be.

Testaments of the twelve patriarchs 9:1 - 9:3
"For eighteen years my father was at peace with his brother Esaua and his sons 2 with us, after we had come out of Mesopotamia from Laban. 'When the eighteen years were completed, Esau, my father's brother, came up against us with a force powerful and strong. “
They never talk about why esau’s descendants ended up being against jacob. They always make it seem like it was not bad blood.

Testaments of the twelve patriarchs 2:1 - 2:10
“There is a man who has no mercy on the one who serves him in performing an evil deed; there are two aspects of this, but the whole is wicked. And there is a man who loves the one who does evil, as he is himself involved in evil, so that he would choose to die in evil for the evildoer's sake. There are also two aspects of this, but the whole situation is evil. Although indeed love is there, yet in wickedness is evil concealed; in name it is as though it were good, but the outcome of the act is to bring evil. Someone steals, deals unjustly, robs, cheats, but yet has pity on the poor. This also has two aspects, but is evil as a whole . He who cheats his neighbor provokes God's wrath; he who serves falsely before the Most High, and yet has mercy on the poor, disregards the Lord who uttered the Law's commands; he provokes him, and yet he alleviates the plight of the poor day laborer. He defiles the soul and takes pride in his own body; he kills many, yet has pity on a few. This also has two aspects, but is evil as a whole . Someone else commits adultery and is sexually promiscuous, yet is abstemious in his eating. While fasting, he is committing evil deeds. Through the power of his wealth he ravages many, and yet in spite of his excessive evil, he performs the commandments. This also has two aspects, but is evil as a whole . Such persons are hares, because although they are halfway clean, in truth they are unclean, for this is what God has said on the tables of the commandments.”
Self explanatory verse. Yin/yang is what they like to push but you cannot mix black and white, or unrightousness with rightousness.

Testaments of the twelve patriarchs 6:2 - 6:4
“The two-faced are doubly punished because they both practice evil and approve of others who practice it; they imitate the spirits of error and join in the struggle against mankind. You therefore, my children, keep the Law of the Lord; do not pay attention to evil as to good, but have regard for what is really good and keep it thoroughly in all the Lord's commandments, taking it as your way of life and finding rest in it”
Another example of what is talked about above. We must try our best to not be 2 faced, nor to be influenced by this world which loves to hide 2 faced behaviors and present them as actually being natural behaviors. Memes encourage this, as well as music and all other influences that can weaken your backbone to stuff.