Testament of Solomon 20:14 - 20:17
”I asked him, "Tell me, then, how you, being demons, are able to ascend into heaven." He replied, "Whatever things are accomplished in heaven (are accomplished) in the same way also on earth; for the principalities and authorities and powers above fly around and are considered worthy of entering heaven. But we who are demons are exhausted from not having a way station from which to ascend or on which to rest; so we fall down like leaves from the trees and the men who are watching think that stars are falling from heaven. That is not true, King; rather, we fall because of our weakness and, since there is nothing on which to hold, we are dropped like flashes of lightning to the earth. We burn cities down and set fields on fire. But the stars of heaven have their foundations laid in the firmament."
Falling stars, shooting stars, fallen angels and the story of the demons falling like lightning add up to this.

Testament of solomon 26:1
“I now took countiess wives from every land and kingdom. I also took a journey to the kingdom of the Jebusites and saw a woman in their kingdom, and I fell madly in love with her and wanted her to be a wife in my harem. So I said to their priests, "Give me this Shummanite because I am madly in love with her." They replied, "If you love our daughter, fall down before our gods, the great Raphan and Moloch, and take her." However, I did not want to worship (their gods), so I said to them, "I worship no foreign god." But they threatened violence against the maiden, saying, "If you have the opportunity to go to the kingdom of Solomon, say to him, 'I will not go to bed with you unless you become like my people and take five locusts and sacrifice them in the name of Raphan and Molech. So because I loved the girl—she was in full bloom and I was out of my senses—I accepted as nothing the custom (of sacrificing) the blood of the locusts. I took them in my hands and sacrificed in the name of Raphan and Molech to idols, and I took the maiden to the palace of my kingdom."
“Its interesting how the sacrifice of molech was done with the blood of insects, and not humans or flesh. Solomons testimony is also to be steadfast and never give up on the lord, as all of the glory and power amounts to nothing if you lose your place in the end by stupid mistakes.