Testament of Moses 3:2 - 3:5
β€œin those days a king against them from the east and (his) cavalry will overrun their land. And with fire he will burn their city with the holy Temple of the Lord and he will carry off all the holy vessels. And he will exile all the people and will lead them to his own land, yea the two tribes he will take with him. "Then, considering themselves like a lioness in a dusty plain, hungry and parched, the two tribes will call upon the ten tribes, and shall declare loudly, 'Just and holy is the Lord.”
Sounds like the origin of slavery? I'm assuming tribe of judah and levi.

Testament of Moses 8:1 - 8:5
β€œa king of the kings of the earth who, having supreme authority, will crucify those who confess their circumcision. 'Even those who deny it, he will torture and hand them over to be led to prison in chains. And their wives will be given to the gods of the nations and their young sons will be cut by physicians to bring forward their foreskins. Still others among them will be punished by torture, both by fire and sword, and they will be compelled to bear publicly (as burdens) idols which are polluted just as those who revere them are polluted. Likewise , they will be compelled by their torturers to enter into their secret place, where they will be compelled to blaspheme outrageously the word, and finally (to blaspheme) both their laws and what they had placed upon their own altar.”
Once again, this sounds very familiar, especially with the foreskin. Reminds me of slavery as well. [2] I bet you the strongs for "gods" in this text probably different from what we call on.