Testament of job 2:1 - 4:7
“I beg you if this is indeed the place of Satan by whom men are deceived—grant me authority to go and purge his place so that I may put an end to the drink offerings being poured for him. Who is there to forbid me , since I rule this region? The light answered me and said, "You shall be able to purge this place. But I am going to show you all the things which the Lord charged me to tell you. And I said, "Whatever he has charged me , his servant, I will hear and do. " Again he said, "Thus says the Lord: If you attempt to purge the place of Satan, he will rise up against you with wrath for battle. But he will be unable to bringdeath upon you. He will bring on you many plagues, he will take away for himself your goods, he will carry off your children. But if you are patient, I will make your name renowned in all generations of the earth till the consummation of the age."
In the book of job it was said that satan had authority to punish job by the most high, and that it was simply for the realization of men; for them to understand that you can be innocent and still go through turmoil….I think this explains deeper into what happened. Also note that satan had his own temple and place, even in that time.