Testament of Abraham 13:1 - 13:5
“And Abraham said, "My lord Commander-in-chief, who is this all-wondrous judge? And who are the angels who are recording? And who is the sunlike angel who holds the balance? And who is the fiery angel who holds the fire?" The Commander-in-chief said, "Do you see, all-pious Abraham, the frightful man who is seated on the throne? This is the son of Adam, the first-formed, who is called Abel, who Cain the wicked killed. And he sits here to judge the entire creation, examining both righteous and sinners. For God said, 'I do not judge you, but every man is judged by man. ``On account of this he gave him judgment, to judge the world until his great and glorious Parousia.” And then, righteous Abraham, there will be perfect judgment and recompense, eternal and unalterable, which no one can question. “
An example of how judgement works and just how perfect judgement is.

Testament of Abraham 13:5 - 13:8
“For every person has sprung from the first-formed, and on account of this they are first judged here by his son. And at the second Parousia they will be judged by the twelve tribes of Israel, both every breath and every creature. And, thirdly, they shall be judged by the Master God of all; and then thereafter the fulfillment of that judgment will be near, and fearful will be the sentence and there is none who can release. And thus the judgment and recompense of the world is made through three tribunals. And therefore a matter is not ultimately established by one or two witnesses, but every matter shall be established by three witnesses”
Another example of how judgement works and just how perfect judgement is.

Testament of Abraham 13:11 - 13:14
“And the fiery and merciless angel, who holds the fire in his hand, this is the archangel Purouel, who has authority over fire, and he tests the work of men through fire. And if the fire burns up the work of anyone, immediately the angel of judgment takes him and carries him away to the place of sinners, a most bitter place of punishment. But if the fire tests the work of anyone and does not touch it, this person is justified and the angel of righteousness takes him and carries him up to be saved in the lot of the righteous. And thus, most righteous Abraham, all things in all people are tested by fire and balance.''
NOT JUST BY GRACE. You are also judged by your works. by everything. If you do only that which is perishable, then it is as described here. Perishable means worldy in this context.