Sibylline oracles 3:45
"But when Rome will also rule over Egypt guiding it toward a single goal, then indeed the most great kingdom AsMos of the immortal king will become manifest over men."
That single goal being what we see today with all the ancient roman babylonian measures. The single goal?

Sibylline oracles 3:47
"Then indeed the world will be governed under the hands of a woman, and be obedient in everything"
Reminds me of whore of Babylon type stuff we see today. Simp behavior and the pedestal of the women and harlot gender. [2] Its also a wierd thing how some say the elites are transgender.

Sibylline oracles 3:80
"When God who dwells in the sky rolls up the heaven as a scroll is rolled, and the whole variegated vault of heaven falls on the wondrous earth and ocean. An undying cataract [85] of raging fire will flow, and burn earth, burnsea, and melt the heavenly vault and days and creation itself into one and separate them into clear air. There will no longer be twinkling spheres of luminaries, no night, no dawn, no numerous days of care, [90] no spring, no summer, no winter, no autumn. And then indeed the judgment of the great God will come into the midst of the great world, when all these things happen."
This verse is not contradictory to my thoughts on what will happen after these times of troubles are reaching the end. Unpopular opinion is that judgment will be very very bad and nothing to rush or wish for, yet at the same time liberating.

Sibylline oracles 3:100
"They were all of one language and they wanted to go up to starry heaven. But immediately the immortal one imposed a great compulsion on the winds. Then the winds cast down the great tower from on high, and stirred up strife for mortals among themselves. Therefore humans gave the city the name Babylon."
I used to think the tower was symbolic, but I realized that the bible is actually both symbolic AND physical. I can see them really trying to build a tower to reach the firmament and discover the secrets of creation. [2] Operation starfish Was them probably trying to figure out just what material the firmament was made out of, Just like what 3Baruch 3:5 - 3:8 explains the people of babel tried to do.

Sibylline oracles 3:120-3:154
"Cronos and Titan fought against each other but Rhea, Gaia, Aphrodite who loves crowns......"
It's a really long passage from top to bottom, but I found it interesting that the names used came from thor type mythology, but what might be happening here is that thor type mythology may have come from here instead. The likely roots of the fake mount olympus god mythology is probably from this babylonian root. It could have even just been names of certain high ranking individuals during the tower of babel times.

Sibylline oracles 3:155-160
"Then God inflicted evil upon the Titans and all the descendants of Titans and of Cronos died. But then as time pursued its cyclic course the kingdom of Egypt arose, then that of the Persians, [160] Medes, and Ethiopians, and Assyrian Babylon, then that of the Macedonians, of Egypt again, then of Rome." Rome, and the western world all derive from evil babylon."
This is very interesting as it speaks on the western /eastern mythology. Biblical proof.

Sibylline oracles 3:220-230
"They are always concerned with good counsel and noble works for they do not worry about the cyclic course of the sun or the moon or monstrous things under the earth nor the depth of the grim sea, Oceanus, nor portents of sneezes, nor birds of augurers, nor seers, nor sorcerers, nor soothsayers, nor the deceits of foolish words of ventriloquists. Neither do they practice the astrological predictions of the Chaldeans, nor astronomy. For all these things are erroneous, such as foolish men inquire into day by day, exercising themselves at a profitless task."
Yes, finding out and confirming that we do not live on a globe earth like how science tells you is wise to do in THESE times, but focusing on things like these are not profitable long term. Like trying to find out the exact calculations of the stars in the sky etc. It goes back to evil practices of old. [2] There is a big difference between a astrologist , an astronomer, and someone who is trying to figure out what was lost. Astrologists and astronomers do a worship thing where they associate different star locations to different "energies" etc.

Sibylline oracles 4:155
"No one will take account of the pious, but they will even destroy them all, by foolishness, very infantile people, rejoicing in outrages and applying their hands to blood"
Infantile is a very correct term to put it. Reminds me of the baby boomer concept of mature adults, who ironically 9/10 act and look like grown babies (sorry to any boomers reading), or adults not caring about making sure their kids grow up knowing not just the truth, but the importance of keeping the commandments of god. (2021) Also, I see a mass of people who advocate for blood when they hope that unvaxxed people get their rights taken away, kids getting shots and being oppressed until they kill themselves etc. They rejoice over these hegelian dialectic evils as if they are really successful about something.

Sibylline Oracles 4:155-4:156
"Even then know that God is no longer benign but gnashing his teeth in wrath and destroying the entire race of men at once by a great conflagration."
People think that god will not release those wildfires. He just may. People like to think peace and love will save them but we must recognize our sin of human, it is our whole existence to get right with the word of god.

Sibylline Oracles 8:403-8:411
"Set for him, you, a pure and unbloodied table, having filled it with good things, and give the bread to the hungry. [405] and drink to the thirsty and clothes to the naked body, supplying them from your own labors with holy hands. Accept the afflicted and stand by the suffering and provide for me , the living one , a living sacrifice. Sowing now on water, so that 1 also may one day give you [410] immortal fruits, and you will have eternal light and unfading life, when I test all by fire"
I think this verse explains why said actions are the most important thing when it comes to. Instead of trying to make a ritualistic prayer and imaginational sacrifice.

Sibylline Oracles 11:141-11:143
"A great man from Zeus, a king, will have the name of the first letter. He, when he has returned home, will then fall at the hand of a deceitful woman."
Interesting, I wonder if "HE" is actually this guy's name.

Sibylline Oracles 12:1-
"But come , hear my woeful history of the Latin race."
The passage goes on throughout the whole chapter book, but from Augustus to Alexander Severus. It seems like they do not want people to recognize just how historically accurate the bible is. They used to kill people until very recently for having a bible... [2] I also think a major reason why this book was removed from the traditional bible of 66 books, was because there is a LOT of greek mythology that is explained in depth to even the smallest detail, to be traced back to babylon and its all traced down to be sinful and attribed to what the most highs does not like in real life. So many kings of that age who had those greek mythology names. Maybe its a false writing, but its already read!

Sibylline Oracles 13:69-13:71
"For neither the joyful spheres of the circular zodiac, 3.221-30 70 Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, nor those stars, regulating time, which appear"
Time and the concept is based on the pattern of these objects in the sky. If the sun and moon are moving faster etc, your watches will too. I also think most people need to remember that watches tell time by quarts and crystals. So this is no new thing or conspiracy.

Sibylline Oracles 14:250-14:252
"They will love Rome and the whole world, caring for men. But they will accomplish nothing. For God was not propitious to the world, nor will he be gentle to men, because they performed many evil things."
World in the bible stands for mankind or multitude and not "planet" [2] Also, i think this holds up today. Most of the things here are satanic and paganism, and most of them came from rome and where rome came from etc. These people LOVE rome, because they love this world. Thats why they fight for this world. Also, this rome connection is because throughout history the only kingdoms that have lasted to this day are the ones of iniquity (until the everlasting kingdom of rightousness). We also must remember and keep the story of adam and how this sinful world came to be steadfast, and how this current world is not intended a permament inheritance.

Sibylline Oracles 14:254-14:255
"Therefore he will bring a disgraceful spirit upon kings much worse than leopards and wolves."
If you haven't realized it yet, this world is ALSO spiritual and spirits inhabit humans according to the will of the most high... [2] You can see signs of this even in how some people may say "thats my dog" or how you can observe some people (a lot of people) to be even sometimes worst than animals...