Letterofjeremiah 1:11
"Yea, they will give thereof to the common harlots, and deck them as men with garments, being gods of silver, and gods of gold, and wood."
I see this related on how modern day harlots, are viewed in a liberal sense of being "strong" and somewhat honored among. Kind of like how a woman in this day and age gets more reward/recognition the more they "show". [2] Also how this makes sense in todays world with how all of these people have so much fashion and jewlery.

Letterofjeremiah 1:14-1:15
"And he that cannot put to death one that offendeth him holdeth a sceptre, as though he were a judge of the country. 15 He hath also in his right hand a dagger and an ax: but cannot deliver himself from war and thieves."
Reminds me how the "elites" live and act like kings but really are just overly cautious people who are probably scared of your common person. Also reminds me of modern day people like u and i, and how we see lots of people carry around a gun to act like they are tuff and big, when all it takes is some silly accusation or the wrong word for them to get locked up or arrested. [2] BUT in this case the verse is referring to how we see all these false gods, and how someone could easily say F thor or hercules and trash his image, steal the statues, or do something like blaspheme it. Yet, doing the same to the lord of the bible (like pissing on/defiling a bunch of bibles.etc) is such a real and notably evil thing to do, and some people dont even do it out of fear they will be cursed!

Letterofjeremiah 1:41
"Who if they shall see one dumb that cannot speak, they bring him, and intreat Bel that he may speak, as though he were able to understand."
False idols are not some sort of white/black counterpart, or some sort of "lesser deity"/different god, but something that does not exist (false). [2] These gods cannot do anything for anyone.

Letterofjeremiah 1:18
"And as the doors are made sure on every side upon him that offendeth the king, as being committed to suffer death: even so the priests make fast their temples with doors, with locks, and bars, lest their gods be spoiled with robbers."
People actually fear the Lord of the bible unlike these other gods!! If these other peoples pagan gods were really real their "godly" power would actually work at keeping its own books and statues upkeeped. Why do you think all the evil people against the lord always have to psyche themselves up and create loopholes in language to blasphemize the lord of the bible? They know his power is real. Otherwise why are they all so against the most high and the savior?

Letterofjeremiah 1:45
"They are made of carpenters and goldsmiths: they can be nothing else than the workmen will have them to be."
I question things in this world that look really pretty because the ones who are making it spend their time making idolatry things, unlikely being faithful and dedicating their lives to the most high. [2] Also, this verse was talking about how these false gods only have the builders and masons making them who they are. Theres no statue of the most high, yet so many people believe in him because it proves itself in all ways of power, not stone and by builders.

Letterofjeremiah 1:48
"For when there cometh any war or plague upon them, the priests consult with themselves, where they may be hidden with them."
Reminds me of how when the fake coronavirus pandemic hit, no churches were open and pastors were nowhere to be seen. Eye opener for many. [2] You can tell the wheat from the chaff in this way. People who really have faith that something is real will put their lives and livelyhood at stake for it.

Letterofjeremiah 1:67
"Neither can they shew signs in the heavens among the heathen, nor shine as the sun, nor give light as the moon."
[2] These false pagan "gods" do not do anything, and never have. They are not predicting anything or doing anything