Enoch3 4:4-4:5
"And what of their horses, their mules, their beasts, their cattle, and all the birds of the world which the Holy One destroyed with them in the waters of the Flood—what sin did they commit that 5 they should have perished as well?"
This may have been talking about gene modification?

Enoch3 28:8
"The Watchers and the holy ones stand before him like court officers before the judged they take up and debate every single matter and they close each case that comes for judgment before the Holy One, blessed be he, as it is written,"
Example of the higher places being similar to a court. And how our sins are judged.

Enoch3 48C:11
"This teaches that every decree that goes out fronr the Holy One, blessed be he, against a man, when he repents, it is not executed against him, but against another, wicked man as it is written, The virtuous man escapes misfortune, the wicked man incurs it instead."
How repenting works. It seems that the sin of one who repents goes upon another person. Like if i where to repent about sexual sin from porn, and turn away from it. The next responsible person would be who created the grounds for that devience In the first place.

Enoch 48C:12
"Moreover, Metatron sits for three hours every day in the heavens above, and assembles all the souls of the dead that have died in their mothers' wombs, and of the babes that have died at their mothers' breasts, and of the school children that have died while studying the five books of the Torah."
The five books of Moses are Genesis (Bereshit), Exodus (Shemot), Leviticus (Va-yikra), Numbers (Bamidbar) and Deuteronomy (Devarim). Goes to how you that the bible is not just exclusive to one religion. Proves that most have equal chance to care about god, and to dive deeper and uncover the lies, and seek truth.