Enoch2 27:1-27:3
"And I gave the command: 'Let there be taken some of the light and some of the darkness.' And I said, 'Become thickened, and be wrapped around with light!' And I spread it out, and it became water. And I spread it out above the darkness, below the light. - And thus I made the solid waters, that is to say, the Bottomless. And I made a foundation of light around the water. And I created seven great circles inside it, and I gave them an appearance of crystal, wet and dry, that is to say glass and ice, and to be the circuit for water and the other elements. And I pointed out to each one |of them| his route, to the seven stars, each one of them in his own heaven, so that they might travel accordingly."
These verses completely explain the 7+3 heavens more descriptively. I think the firmament can be explain as what we would observe as 7 different "worlds" or firmaments on top of the others, up to 7. Each with its own elements, lights, etc. as described. Each unimaginably bigger than the other. Maybe thats what they mean when they say during the end this earths heavens will be rolled as a scroll, revealing a bigger reality. This verse in perticular talks about the metaphysics behind the firmament and the foundation of it. And the only way i can comprehend how the waters work "above" is gearwork and chambers. Perhaps like a maze. DYOR

Enoch2 28:1-28:2
"Let the lower water, which is below heaven, collect itself into one collection, and let its waves become dry.' And it happened like that. And from the waves I created rocks, solid and big. And from the rocks I assembled the dry land; and I called the dry land Earth."
I think understanding of how elements are created are skewed. If colder things are more solid, and water turns to ice, then it could be possible to create a rock from water as in this passage. Especially since they are still waves. Also, people think earth only means the ground we can see. IMO it means the entire habitable and inhabitable organic rock. Also, i think the heavens are 3d and earth is irregular shaped, with hollow and other chambers, as stated in enoch. Not just half domes. Enoch talks about chambers where water/wind.etc is allowed in of the sort. Now i see why they hide enoch 1-3. Because it accurately gives you a whole picture of this earthly creation. Nobody would have been deceived by their antics if they added enoch 1-3 into the bible.

Enoch2 30:2
"And on the fourth day I commanded: 'Let there be great lamps on the heavenly circles."
Another example of the heavens being circles, or some sort of circle derived shape. Also, great lamps obviously meaning what we would consider planetary objects.

Enoch2 30:15
"And I assigned to him four special" stars, and called his name Adam. And i gave him his free will; and I pointed out to him the two ways light and darkness. And I said to him, 'This is good for you, but that is bad'; so that I might come to know whether he has love toward me or abhorrence, and so that it might become plain who among his race loves me."
Always had this thought that life was a test....

Enoch2 31:7-31:8
"But on account of (her) nescience i cursed them. But those whom I had blessed previously, them I did not curse; (and those whom I had not blessed previously, even them I did not curse)—neither mankind I cursed, nor the earth, nor any other creature, but only mankind's evil fruit-bearing. This is why the fruit of doing good is sweat and exertion."
I had thoughts on why things that were "good" for the human flesh but bad for the spirit like pleasure, lust, gluttony etc. were cursely frowned upon, and why it was vexing to NOT do, while the fruit of "rightous" things are not even all that, most often than not extremely vexing. How come we get paid in excess for doing bad, but not in full for doing good? Always seemed, for better words...Not normal. To me, it always seemed like mankind was faulty.. Why did god create us to inheritly crave bad things in the first place if our fruit for doing good was nothing. And if it were not for the human configuration, would the purest essense of pleasure (and such) be "sinful" in paradise? As in, is it normal to love the reward of goodness, which is suffering? But reap the fruit of evil, which is most times, damnation for pleasure? I think this verse and the ones before it gives a full picture. Now i know that its not just me, as this verse accurately explains the vexation. Also, keep in mind that nothing is up for double meaning when it comes to scripture. (dont take my thoughts above scripture meaning).

Enoch2 32:1
"And Adam was in paradise for 5 hours and a half"
paradise is said to be in one of the layers of the firmament. Like how this earth is in one.

Enoch2 33:7
"For, I created all the armies (and) all the forces. And there is no one who opposes me or who is insubordinate to me; for all submit themselves to my sole rule and work my sole dominion"
People need to stop with the whole idea of SOME things not being in control of god. Like, ive seen the thoughts on god vs satan, godlyness vs evil, and i think its really vain. The whole thing about the devil is the vanity of it all. Nobody is able to "fight god" or go toe to toe. Nor, is it possible in any possible existence to do such. God is a GOD. Not a half god, not 98% god. not 99.99% god. A g o d . The one who created both concepts of darkness and light itself. Good and evil. Something that we cannot even fully captuate in our best imagination.

Enoch2 33:10-33:11
"And I will give you, Enoch, my mediator, my archistratig, Michael, on account of your handwritings and the handwritings of your fathers—Adam and Sithj and Enos and Kainan and Maleleil and Ared your father. *And they will not be destroyed until the final age."
Truth has no real language. Although, its not far streached to say that maybe the bible is destroyed in todays time. Modern day english letters remind me of new living bible translations. Just completely skewed with new and double meanings added to words every day.

Enoch2 47:4-47:5
"The L O R D is the one who laid the foundations upon the unknown things, and he is the one who spread out the heavens above the visible and the invisible things. And the earth he solidified above the waters, and the waters he based upon the unfixed things; and he (alone) created the uncountable creatures."
Another bible verse that talks about the firmament and the earth being suspended on waters.

Enoch2 55:2
"|For| tomorrow morning I shall go up to the highest heaven, (into the highest Jerusalem"
Interesting how they reference the highest heaven to "jerusalem". I wonder if this is a common reference or a translation error of some sort...

Enoch2 58:3-58:5
"The L O R D created mankind to be the lordd of all his possessions. And the L O R D will not judge a single animal soul for the sake of man; but human souls he will judge for the sake of the souls of their animals"
Self explaning. We are to take care of what the lord gave us. This includes our holy spirit, by following god commandments and ordinances, keeping peace with animals and nature, and taking care of our body by eating clean foods.

Enoch2 66:2
"To the true God bow down, not to idols which have no voice, but bow down to his statue"
Not a literal statue, but i think this verse means authority, or truth. Like, how if i pray, i should not worry about the perfect physical details of god, but even more so, the true standing of god as the lord should be in my heart as i pray.