Enoch1 72:37
"As for the intensity of its light, it is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; nevertheless, (the sun and the moon) are equal in regard to their (respective) sizes."
Biblical scripture that explains the moon being the same size as the sun.

Enoch1 78:14-78:15
"From the same side where light entered the moon, from there also it (gradually) wanes until all the illumination disappears and the days of the moon expire, its disk empty without light.'
moon being a disc shape. [2] Also, remember the stuff about people saying the dark side of the moon? Solar eclipses that happen when the moon is in between the sun an earth? Its confusing when you think globe earth, but makes sense when you think layers of the firmament where the sun and moon are the same size.

Enoch1 80:2
"In respect to their days, the sinners and the winter are cut short. Their seed(s) shall lag behind in their lands and in their fertile fields," and in all their activities upon the earth.' He will turn* and appear in their time and withhold rain; and the sky"
Entime prophecys. Also, i noticed its not really cold anymore during winter.

Enoch1 80:4-80:6
"- the moon shall alter its order, and will not be seen according to its (normal) cyles In those days it will appear in the sky and it shall arrive in the evening in the extreme ends of the great lunar path, in the west. And it shall shine (more brightly), exceeding the normal [6] degree of light"
Entime prophecy of how the moon will/is behaving. [2] We see this exact thing happening now. Moon is all over the place. You can be looking at it and the moment you stop its gone nowhere to be seen, or some days it does not even rise the same place. Also, the moon is way to bright. Its to the point where its literally as bright as the sun is NOW.

Enoch1 80:7
"All the orders of the stars shall harden (in disposition) against the sinners and the conscience of those that dwell upon the earth. They (the stars) shall err against them (the sinners); and modify all their courses. Then they (the sinners) shall err and take them (the stars) to be gods"
Astrology worship and just how evil these practices are in end times. [2] Also reminds me of how people think the new ages are coming because the stars are doing wierd stuff. They will say something like the new age just because the stars are not where they are normally supposed to be. Reminds me of how these astrologist, fleshly desiring, people are when looking at the stars. Most people will say somethings wrong but the ones who worship these things will say its the will and sign of the god. They will interpret it to anything except for scripture.

Enoch1 82:6
"-The year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days."
Where did 365 days come from? People call it a mandela effect now [2] I personally think the days are supposed to actually be 364. They purposely change the days in order to confuse. This is imo all for the sabbath day. To confuse the times and to get people out of the true enoch calandar. REMEMBER. Its a commandment to keep the sabbath day holy. One also not changed and honored by the law made flesh (the savior). You MUST recognize the 7th day as holy and honor the most high with a sabbath where no work is done.

Enoch 89:59-89:63
"He then summoned seventy shepherds and surrendered those sheep to them so that they might pasture them. He spoke to the shepherds and their colleagues, "From now on, let each and every one of you [60] graze the sheep; and do everything which I command you. shall hand them over to you duly counted and tell you which among them are to be destroyed; and you shall destroy them!" So he handed over those sheep to them. Then calling another (group of shepherds), he told them, "Take notice and see everything which the shepherds will do to those sheep; for they will destroy from among them a greater [62] number than those which I have commanded them. You write down every excess and destruction that will be wrought through the shepherds—how many they destroy according to my command, and how many they will destroy of their own accord!"
This bible verse explains why certian groups of people have/had power to destroy or control other groups of people. (For example african americans/12 tribes). And possibly even explains why in todays time the people who control have to somewhat "disclose" what they are going to do, or provide alternative options for people who do decide to not follow the path of distruction. [2] So basically what i am saying is gatekeepers. Also, the thing about africans, ethnic people, post or pre millennial, and the 12 tribes is WAY depeer that what i will note here. That has nothing to much to do with salvation, but more about prophecy so it does not belong here. The sheep are the rightous ones of all colors. And yes, everyone of the sheep is oppressed here

Enoch1 90:25
"Then those seventy shepherds were judged and found [26] guilty; and they were cast into that fiery abyss."
This passage is really long and starts way before this note. But it talks about how the lord of sheep (the lord) has someone taking account all the shepards who overkilled his sheep (did not follow his command) and how he has "books" that show accounts for all deeds done. I think its approprate to say judgement will be based on your deeds, how you lived your life (thoughts, actions, sayings etc.) as everything to the smallest movement is being recorded.

Enoch1 90:29
"I went on seeing until the Lord of the sheep brought about a new house, greater and loftier than the first one, and set it up in the first location which had been covered up—all its pillars were new, the columns new; and the ornaments new as well as greater than those of the first, (that is) the old (house) which was gone. All the sheep were within it"
Wordplay on the meaning of "house" in this contex. Since this whole story of the sheep is like a parable to what has happend and what will, its interesting to note that maybe the new "house" the lord will bring is alluding to a new world, or even new bodys etc. in real time. [2] The biggest challange imo is realizing that the most high, is actually all powerful. Not just through the spirit, or through dreams and visions.

Enoch1 91:16
"The great (judgment) which emanates from all of the angels. The first heaven shall depart and pass away; a new heaven shall appear; and all the powers of heaven shall shine forever sevenfold" Taking notes of the "first heaven".
I think they are more layers to the firmament than the one we see today. One that will be bigger and will show and bring new things into life.

Enoch1 99:5
"In those days, they (the women) shall become pregnant, but they (the sinners) shall come out and abort their infants and cast them out from their midst; they shall (also) abandon their (other children, casting their infants out while they are still suckling. They shall neither return to them (their babes) nor have compassion upon their beloved one"
Just how it is in todays time, if not worst.

Enoch1 99:7-99:10
"(And those) who worship stones, and those who carve" images of gold and of silver and of wood and of clay, and those who worship evil spirits and demons, and all kinds of idols not according to knowledges they shall get no manner of help in them. They shall become wicked on account of the folly of their hearts; their eyes will be blindfolded on account of the fear of their hearts, the visions of their dreams. They shall become wicked and fearful through them, for they wrought all their deeds in falsehood and worshiped stone; so they shall perish instantly. In those days, blessed are they all who accept the words of wisdom and understand them, to follow the path of the Most High; they shall walk in the path of his righteousness and not become wicked with the wicked; and they shall be saved."
This passage goes into details of Astrology, new age rome babylonian spiritualism that teaches people to mess with stones because vibrations, "spirit guilds" etc. Is clear that we should stay away from these things. Also, i like the insight on dreams and visions. I noticed when i would have a bad dream or a dream of armageddon, everytime i would wake up thinking i did something wrong. I can say, if i wasnt bent on instruction and did not know about the spiritual and biblical signifigance of dreams, i would wake up in fear after those, feeling as if i should do even more lustful or "comforting" things to sort of balance out the vivid dreams. Just my experience. [2] ALSO! Without knowledge of the most highs laws, and all things like this book and others which explains visions, dreams, and the state of the world. How can these people keep up? If they have a bad dream or lucid vision how will they be able to have enough knowledge to decipher whats going on? Wont they just become bitter and harden their hearts like how this word said they would?

Enoch1 101:4-101:7
"Do you not see the sailors-of the ships, how their ships are tossed up and down by the billows and are shaken by the winds, and they become anxious? On this account (it is evident that) they are seized by fear, for they will discharge all their valuable property—the goods that are with them"—into the sea; they think in their hearts that the sea will swallow them up and they will perish in it. Is not the entire sea and all her waters and all her movement the very work of the Most High? Has he not ordered her courses of action and her waters— (indeed) her totality—with sand?"
Why you should/do fear the lord. Not an imaginary god, or just one responsible of one thing. But very real, with powers that can be witnessed in real time.

Enoch1 104:10-104:11
"And now I know this mystery: For they (the sinners) shall alter the just verdict* and many sinners will take it to heart; they will speak evil words and lie, and they will invent fictitious stories and write out my [11] Scriptures on the basis of their own words."
How "they" keep making new translations changing up the stories. Or how they make take biblical information about the worlds structure and create some bs like globe earth.