3Baruch 3:5 - 3:8
"These are the ones who had planned to build the tower, for at that time they forced men and a multitude of women to make bricks. Among them was one woman who was near to giving birth, and they did not release her, but, working, she gave birth, and took her cloak and wrapped the infant, and left her infant, and made bricks again. And the Lord God appeared to them and confused their languages. And they built their tower 80 thousand cubits in height, and in width 5 hundred and twenty. They took an auger so that they could proceed to bore heaven so that they could see whether heaven is (made) of stone or of glass or of copper. “Heaven means the firmament and what's above! Enoch explains there being chambers of water and what is best called `different lands’.
They built a tower (I'm assuming with high tech as well) in order to see what material the top of the firmament was made out of.

3Baruch 4:8
“And I said, "I pray you, show me which is the tree which caused Adam to stray."And the angel said, "It is the vine which the angel Samael planted by which the Lord God became angered, and he cursed him and his plantling. For this reason he did not permit Adam to touch it. And because of this the devil became envious, and tricked him by means of his vine.”
Samael is reffering to satan, or satanel, or the other names.

3Baruch 4:12- 4:17
"He also found the sprig, and taking it, he considered in his mind what it was. And came and told him about it. And he said, 'Should I plant it, or what (should I do with it)? Since Adam was destroyed by means of it, will I also encounter the anger of God through this? And while saying these things, he prayed for God to reveal to him what he should do with this. And he knelt down on (his) knees and fasted 40 days. Praying and crying, he said, 'Lord, if I plant this, what will happen?' And the Lord sent the angel Sarasael; he declared to him, 'Rise, Noah, and plant the vine, and alter its name, and change it for the better. "Its bitterness will be changed into sweetness, and its curse will become a blessing / and its fruit will become the blood of God, "But beware, Baruch: The tree still possesses its evil. Those who drink wine in excess do all evil: Brother does not show mercy to brother, nor father to son, nor son to father. And from the evil of wine comes forth murder and adultery, fornication and cursing, as much evil as exists, because of wine. "
I'm going to post a little story here about a variety of a grape (now) called noahs grape. Whoever named that grape noahs grape knew biblical scripture for sure. “Some French winegrowers planted American vines after their Vitis Vinifera died so they would have something to drink and sell, even though they all hated the flavor. One American vine called the "Noah" grew easily and produced a ton of grapes, so people dealt with the bad flavor. It was a white wine, but people added coloring to make it a red wine if they so desired. A few years after it became popular, heavy drinkers of Noah were going blind or falling into dementia. Decades later the French government learned that fermenting Noah grapes created a side-product of psychotropic ethers like wood alcohol, which is a violent toxin to the human nervous system.”

3Baruch 6:2 - 6:10
“And he showed me a chariot drawn by four horses and fire underneath it. And upon the chariot sat a man wearing a fiery crown. The chariot was drawn by forty angels. And behold, a bird runs along before the sun, as large as nine mountains. And I said to the angel, "What is this bird?" And he said to me , "This is the guardian of the world. "And I said, "Lord, how is it the guardian of the world? Teach me. And the angel said to me , "This bird accompanies the sun and spreading its wings absorbs its fire-shaped rays. For if it did not absorb them, none of the race of men would survive, nor anything else that lives, so God appointed this bird."And he unfolded his wings, and I saw on his right wing very large letters like the place of a threshing floor, having the space of 4000 modia, and the letters were gold. And the angel said to me , "Read them. " And I read, and they said thus: "Neither earth nor heaven bear me, but the wings of fire bear me. " I Baruch said, "Lord, what is the name of this bird?" And he said to me , "Phoenix. "
I was absolutely not expecting to see phoenix in scripture. What came first? The cartoon images and idea of a phoenix, or this scripture?