2Baruch 19:6 - 19:8
“For when a man is happy in his youth and is treated badly in his old age, he forgets all happiness he possessed. And further, when a man is badly treated in his youth but will be happy in the end, he does not remember his disgrace anymore. And further, listen: Even if everyone had been happy continually since the day death was decreed against those who trespassed, but was destroyed in the end, everything would have been in vain.”
This makes sense. Suffering is short and at the end for those who endure, is a gift.

2Baruch 20:2
“Therefore, behold, the days will come and the times will hasten, more than the former, and the periods will hasten more than those which are gone , and the 2 years will pass more quickly than the present ones”
Proof in scripture of time moving faster as the end nears.

2Baruch 27:1 - 27:15
“And he answered and said to me: That time will be divided into twelve parts, and each part has been preserved for that for which it was appointed. In the first part: the beginning of commotions. In the second part: the slaughtering of the great. In the third part: the fall of many into death. In the fourth part: the drawing of the sword. In the fifth part: famine and the withholding of rain. In the sixth part: earthquakes and terrors.In the eighth part: a multitude of ghosts and the appearances of demons. In the ninth part: the fall of fire. In the tenth part: rape and much violence. In the eleventh part: injustice and unchastity. In the twelfth part: disorder and a mixture of all that has been before. These parts of that time will be preserved and will be mixed, one with another, and they will minister to each other. For some of these parts will withhold a part of themselves and take from others and will accomplish that which belongs to them and to others; hence, those who live on earth in those days will not understand that it is the end of times”
Reminds me of how so many people keep saying “its not yet”. Nobody from the media is going to flat out tell you when the end is near, or when the signs are happening.

2Baruch 48:29
"Because it is as follows: “There is nothing that will be destroyed unless it acted wickedly, if it had been able to do something without remembering my goodness and accepting my long-suffering.”
Before you do something always think “what would the savior do” But take note of the “long suffering”. .

2Baruch 54:15 - 54:19
“For, although Adam sinned first and has brought death upon all who were not in his own time, yet each of them who has been born from him has prepared for himself the coming torment. And further, each of them has chosen for himself the coming glory. 'For truly, the one who believes will receive reward. But now, turn yourselves to destruction, you unrighteous ones who are living now, for you will be visited suddenly, since you have once rejected the understanding of the Most High. For his works have not taught you, nor has the artful work of his creation which has existed always persuaded you. Adam is, therefore,not the cause, except only for himself, but each of us has become our own Adam”
Its everyone's individual responsibility to turn away from sin. This is why grace without turning away from sin actively is not correct doctrine.

2Baruch 62:1
“And the seventh black waters you have seen; that is the perversion of the ideas of Jeroboam who planned to make two golden calves, and all the iniquities accomplished by the kings who succeeded him, - and the curse of Jezebel, and the idolatry which Israel practiced at that time”
Funny, i realized that they do the same thing today, only difference is they do brainwashing to make us think is acceptable. For example, they might find one of these ancient idolatry statues, then restore it as a “historical artifact” or remembrance to have us believe its NOW okay to worship. And this is also a huge thing in today's time. We have so many statues of random things everywhere it makes the idea of jeroboam seem like a joke.