Baruch 1:10
"And they said, Behold, we have sent you money to buy you burnt offerings, and sin offerings, and incense, and prepare ye manna, and offer upon the altar of the Lord our God;"
The word "manna" used in this verse meant bread. Likely any bread associated with ceremonial or spiritual reason.

Baruch 3:17
"They that had their pastime with the fowls of the air, and they that hoarded up silver and gold, wherein men trust, and made no end of their getting?"
I remember bird shooting games being a thing i grew up playing. [2] Very not coincidence how the dollar bill says "in god we trust", like how this verse is saying ~silver and gold wherein men trust

Baruch 3:26
"There were the giants famous from the beginning, that were of so great stature, and so expert in war."
Just took a note of the use of the word "giants". This means someone great, or "bigger" than the others. Not justin height, but in power and other ways. When people call themselves giants among men i am almost guaranteed that statement has biblical roots...

Baruch 4:28
"For as it was your mind to go astray from God: so, being returned, seek him ten times more."
I believe in this verse when it says to seek god stronger because we were all once a person of this world.