Apocalypse Of Abraham 11:1 - 11:4
“And I stood up and saw him who had taken my right hand and set me on my 2 feet. The appearance of his body was like sapphire, and the aspect of his face was like chrysolite, and the hair of his head like snow. And a kidaris (was) on his head, its look that of a rainbow, and the clothing of his garments (was) purple; and a golden staff (was) in his right hand. And he said to me , "Abraham." And I said, "Here is your servant!"
This is how an angel looks like, described by abraham. I thought I should note this because I feel as if its important to know that not everybody is of what we know as flesh, black or white.

Apocalypse Of Abraham 25:6
“And the man you saw slaughtering is he who angers me , and the sacrifice is a killing of those who are for me a testimony of the judgment of the completion at the beginning of creation."”
Keyword for me is testimony. Abraham asked the most high about a picture of people killing others, and how I see this verse (for now) is the most high answering why he let these bad things happen.