AdditionsToEsther 1:1
"1 In the second year of the reign of Artaxerxes the great, in the first day of the month Nisan, Mardocheus the son of Jairus, the son of Semei, the son of Cisai, of the tribe of Benjamin, had a dream;"
Nisan month = first of the religious year = Gregorian calader equivelant March - April proof. Im not 100% on the mark though, but i do reckon the spring solstice being around march 20th, and it would make sense for that to be the beginning of the year.

AdditionsToEsther 16:2-16:7
"2 Many, the more often they are honoured with the great bounty of their gracious princes, the more proud they are waxen, 3 And endeavour to hurt not our subjects only, but not being able to bear abundance, do take in hand to practise also against those that do them good."
You can DYOR and read the whole verse on an official site, but this is an writing that i found interesting that explains people who are not able to bear abundance, or persons not worthy of riches. Its observed the richer you become the more greedy you become. The idea that you become "impatient" and bite the hand that feeds you. Also talks about corruption, and how the richer people often corrupt the underlings with bad judgment and exploit them in greed because of the good things they do for them. Kind of reminds me of parents too. BE CAREFUL around these people. You VERY often see this in the workplace/household.