Esdras 5:5
"The priests, the sons of Phinees the son of Aaron: Jesus the son of Josedec, the son of Saraias, and Joacim the son of Zorobabel, the son of Salathiel, of the house of David, out of the kindred of Phares, of the tribe of Judah;"
Just noted this because i noticed Jesus was a common name, which reinforces the idea that christ is a title. Would you call king james james king? So jesus christ sounds like it should be christ jesus. As in, the title is very important. Just as someone who thinks god as satan call for god with different intent. [2] Also, i noticed that a lot of the bible OT talks in this format. The way its worded seems as if they put attention put to ancestral accuracy.

Esdras 5:54
"And they gave unto the masons and carpenters money, meat, and drink, with cheerfulness."
Just a note of the word "masons" (a builder and worker in stone). Just thought it interesting how in todays time, masonry has literally took over. They like to remodel and modernize ancient things and ideas. Funny how brand new modern houses and such look so clean and cool, yet cannot last a year. Also, the main image of masonry is the measurement tools, which could explain why they're obsessed by playing with gematria and have ocd, because constructions and such things directed by the lord had specific number measurements. They like to call these angel numbers. The lineage of masonry could also explain why the world rn is so bent on illusions. (who else would have dedication to create such plastics and sythetic proxies/metals). [2] For future reference im taking note of "drink, with cheerfullness". Not because im an alcoholic, but nowadays alcohol is so abused because of our pain drinking almost has a reputation of being depressing.